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Seven Tips For A Successful Corporate Youtube Channel

YouTube is now almost a fundamental service, one of the ones that users use most often. To discover new tutorials, follow certain channels or simply listen to music. The biggest flaw is the inability to watch videos in the background, but small “tricks” are enough to do it.

  1. Enhance Your Brand Through The Cover Photo

When you go to a YouTube channel, you will be immediately greeted by a large banner showing the name of the channel. This is your cover photo and is a privileged real estate property to present your brand.

You can make your cover photo extravagant or minimal as you wish, but just make sure your brand is the focal point, as it will be the first impression someone receives upon entering. Fortunately, there is a huge assortment of tools to get started if you’re not a graphic designer.

Keep in mind that: YouTube recommends uploading your cover photo at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a maximum size of 4 MB.

  1. Create A Trailer For Your Channel

Like your channel graphics, we also recommend creating your channel trailer. Channel trailers are generally short and soft and are a good introduction for new visitors.

  1. Use Keywords So That Your Video Is Optimized For Search

While uploading a video, you will be asked to enter a title, description and tag. These are essential components to make your video easily identifiable in YouTube search, so don’t skimp on them!

Just like SEO for your website, YouTube has its own set of parameters to optimize your video for search. Fill in these sections to the best of your ability using keywords to describe the video and your business. A title and description rich in keywords (but not heavy) can go very far, and you will be able to see what works for your videos as you progress.

  1. Integrate Your Channel Into Your Website, Blog And Social Network

Website home page: your videos take time and effort to create, so why not show them? You can add your YouTube video to your website’s home page so it’s one of the first things a visitor will see!

Inside the blog: if you have a blog on your website, then your YouTube videos have a home away from home now. You can embed them directly in new blog posts and even communicate to subscribers on your website by sending a newsletter!

In social networks to link your channel to social networks, publish links to videos and playlists of your channels on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other social networks. Also invite your friends, both online and offline, to word of mouth on these links.

Avoid spamming social networks with links to your channels; nobody likes to be hammered.

  1. Engage With Your Community

Creating a community around your channel and engaging your viewers is a very important step. Answer comments, ask and answer questions and, above all, listen to them! Your viewers want to see your content, so remember to give them what they want.

It is important that immediately after you upload a new video, and you spend some time responding to the first comments of the viewers. The users who comment immediately are those most interested in your videos, and therefore it is important that you take them into consideration.

Pay attention to delete the offensive comments and report abusive users, and this will create a more favorable environment for the dialogue between the spectators.

When asking questions to your viewers, making it easy for them to ask for answers like Yes / No or to vote. This will ensure a healthy discussion among visitors and limit negative comments.

With a well-fed community, you will also have the opportunity to advertise for free by word of mouth.

  1. Increase Youtube Subscribers With Ad Hoc Services

Specialized web agencies offer Youtube subscriber enhancement services. With a small investment, you can have the first slice of users to whom you can show your videos or enlarge the one already present. Increasing subscribers to the Youtube channel allows you to have a following of interested users that every time you post a video, they can view it, like it or suggest it to other people.

7.      Pay Attention To Seo Optimization In Particular

1. The title should be SEO optimized:

Make sure the title of your video is SEO optimized. It should go through the search engine and get a higher score on the SERP.

2.  Long video description:

Believe it, Google, YouTube or any other search engine doesn’t have enough time to watch your video and rank. So what do they do? They look for the video description and try to analyze the video content only from there. This means that you need to upload a long description of the video so that the search engine can easily assign you your position. The greater the length you will add to your video, the more likely you are to get the best ranking from the search engine.

3. Optimize keywords:

Bringing your video among high-rankers on YouTube is good, but optimizing your video in order to get the best positioning from YouTube and Google is even exceptional. Video keywords are the keywords used by the user when the video was uploaded. For example, your video shows some cute dogs, instead of uploading the title of your video as “cute dogs”, you can write “10 cute dogs that will make you die laughing” or something.

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